Multi-dwelling houses

SIA “PBLC Biznesa centrs” is a reliable partner in multi-dwelling house management. Implementing modern management methods and methods of execution of work, grounding on knowledge and experience of staff,  SIA “PBLC Biznesa centrs” is ensuring qualitative service of multi-dwelling house management, according to decisions made by flat owners, carrying out efficient use of financial resources to keep and improve dwelling stock, as well as to develop energy saving.
We are carrying out qualitative and constant multi-dwelling house management; we are also supporting improvement of technical condition of multi-dwelling houses.
Suitable amount of services is being drawn-up for every dwelling house individually after previous analysis. We are taking into account specific features of object, wishes of inmates, tenants and financial capacity thereof.

Provided initial volume of services for multi-dwelling houses, on the ground of which a benchmarking proposal is being drawn-up; this benchmarking proposal could be supplemented or optimized with specific needs and expressed wishes of customers:

  • Cleaning of communal areas;
  • Cleaning of territory;
  • Gardener services;
  • Cleaning of common property windows;
  • Equipment for cleaning of territory;
  • Inferior equipment and cleaning products;
  • Tools for minor repairs;
  • Technical management of building, management of utility systems:
    • Technical service of heating unit.
    • Technical management of heating services;
    • Servicing of water supply and sewer systems;
    • Maintenance of electric system, common property and outdoor lighting;
    • Maintenance of low intensity current in common property;
    • Servicing of door access systems and door intercommunication system;
    • Deratization, desinsection
    • Inspection and cleaning of house border and drainage arrangement
    • Servicing of fire prevention system
    • Servicing of underground parking gates 
  •  24 h service of emergency response unit;
  • Financial accounting, book-keeping;
  • Division of payment for house management and payments for received utility services;
  • Drawing-up and sending bills to flat owners;
  • Recovery of debts regarding property (work with obligors);
  • Drawing-up and sending reports to owners of real estate;
  • Database keeping;
  • Signing a contract with utility service providers;
  • Work with state and municipal institutions within the frames of real estate management;
  • Inspection of objects, drawing up defect certificates and engineering opinions;
  • Arrangement of negotiations, community general meetings and surveys with separate owners of real estate.

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