SIA „PBLC Biznesa centrs” offers qualitative management of dwelling houses as well as other commercial property i.e. office complex and storage compound. 

SIA „PBLC Biznesa centrs" ensures complete service package necessary for houses – sanitary homecare, maintenance works, management. Premium service 24 hours a day, highest quality – that is how our clients are generally describing our service.

SIA „PBLC Biznesa centrs” makes the following works, related to management and maintenance of property: 

  • Housekeeping and cleaning of grounds;
  • Site improvements;
  • Mechanical services of utilities;
  • Minor and capital repair of construction elements;
  • Energy saving solutions;
  • Ensuring of public utilities;
  • Maintenance and storage of databases;
  • Working with obligors;
  • Arrangement of general meetings and surveys;
  • Other different services if desired by customers. 

Workplace policy on quality, environment and labour safety
Observing request of interested parties and constantly improving performance of quality, environment and labour safety, observing request of ensuring qualitative real estate management services according to client’s requests and funding, available to the client.
Our approach is based on integration of qualitative environment and labour safety activity management in our daily business practice, minimal effect on the environment and prevention of pollution, sociability and cooperation with interested parties on all quality, environment and labour safety matters. 

Highest quality of our services
To ensure the highest quality of management services, LLC „PBLC Biznesa centrs" has established and is being guided by the following criteria of management works:

  • Cleanliness of premises and territory;
  • Constant servicing of equipment and communication lines, securing constant functioning thereof;
  • Emergency response arrives not later than within 1 hour, generally within 20 minutes;
  • Friendly and effective communication with customers 24 hours a day;
  • Easy-to-see and fair payment system for utility and other services.

In comparison with other management companies, LLC „PBLC Biznesa centrs” company have the following advantages:

  • Individual approach to every client; we are working with responsible house-manager;
  • Economical management price according to volume of services, created by the Customer; we are always open for dialogue to find the most effective solution;
  • Safety and stability, clear cooperation conditions, transparent financial calculation system without additional cost items;
  • All our employees are on the top of your property; we have the fastest level of reacting and highest competence;
  • Precise accountancy and effective exploitation of available resources, optimization and effective use of utilities;
  • Pride for our objects, possibility to familiarize with them personally by attending them and receiving feedback from customers;

Why choosing us, LLC „PBLC Biznesa centrs” – we have the following fundamental values:

  • Development – we are focused on development and using innovative solutions;
  • Responsibility – we are motivated to provide services of high quality and ensure good reputation of our company;
  • Cooperation and mutual respect – we are polite and responsive;
  • Competence – our employees are motivated and focused on the result; they have corresponding knowledge, skill and working experience;
  • Accessibility – we are accessible and forthcoming to listening to and implementing  clients’ requests;
  • Stability – We are ensuring safety in qualitative and timely execution of service, as well as financial stability; we are fair taxpayers.

Relevant work experience in market ensures persistent execution of service, observing of terms, innovative solutions and great understanding of customers’ wishes.

We guarantee persistent execution of service observing terms, regularity and your wishes.

In case if you are not satisfied with current situation and your house-manager, if you are considering alternatives of managing property by your own, or receive management services from other house-managers, we are inviting you to consider our proposal, which will be drawn-up when we will understand your specific needs and wishes.