Express your wishes and we will carry them out!

Let’s make business future together!


SIA „PBLC Biznesa centrs” is doing facility management. If you will entrust management of your house ownership to us, you will be able to enjoy all the privileges from staying in comfortable and engaging environment. 

Soon it will be 10 years since we are offering to put your wishes into practice, using our business options. Express your wishes and we are going to carry them out. It is the wishes of our clients that play crucial part in creation of new services of good quality. In creation of effective and mutually rewarding business.

SIA „PBLC Biznesa centrs” is an experienced company, which is doing lease of premises and ensuring commercial property i.e. office complex and storage compound management of high quality, as well as management of dwelling houses.

SIA„PBLC Biznesa centrs” is currently managing a suite (9000 m2 in premises area) and storage compound (9097 m2), Ulbrokas Street 23, Riga and one of the highest (24 floors, 15 000 m2) multi-storied buildings in Latvia, „Astra Lux”, at Gunāra Astras Street 8 k/1, Riga.

We are happy beautiful and well-kept properties, where one can feel a hand of skilful landlord. We all want to live in well-kept environment, so we – the company which is doing it competently and professionally, can take care of your property. 

Our team – experienced professionals of different occupations, making a great team together. Individual approach, flexible response, quality professionalism – these are qualities describing LLC „PBLC BIZNESA CENTRS” team working efficiency.

SIA „PBLC BIZNESA CENTRS” guarantee property management service of high quality, easy-to-see payment system as well as responsive, professional and reliable staff.

The purpose of SIA „PBLC Biznesa centrs” is to ensure qualitative service and individual approach to each client for suitable price, creating sustainable, mutually rewarding cooperation.